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Asmita Patel, Queen Of Options Trading, Is Asia's #1 Price Action Trader &
Mentor Behind Many Successful Traders Our Country Has Seen.


3rd, 4th & 5th September


Let's Make India Trade™ 

Was Created For YOU!

Let's Make India Trade™ is Asmita Patel’s signature program that she developed over the course of 15+ years of success in Stock Market Trading.


Whether you’re already a trader or you want to start fresh, Asmita Patel's simple and objective proprietary strategies will prove as a kickstart and take your trading business to a whole new level, that too by spending just 15 MINS A DAY!

LMIT is a mission she undertook years ago when she started educating people about the market and In just a few years, it has become Asia's Largest Stock Market Training Event.

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Pratik Gandhi

The Reel Life Harshad Mehta

A Gujarati actor rose to fame on the silver screen and praised critically and also by the audience.

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Vishen Lakhiani

Founder Of Mindvalley

He is a true visionary and has brazenly created new avenues to learning, specifically in the promotion of energetic education.

Asmita Patel 237X378.jpg

Asmita Patel

Queen Of Options Trading 

Asia No. 1 Trader and Mentor and has developed a Simple 6 Step Core Proprietary System on which 130-140 crores of funds are being traded.

Asia No. 1 Trader and Mentor and has developed a Simple 6 Step Core Proprietary System on which 130-140 crores of funds are being traded.

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Sonu Sharma

Powerhouse Of Motivation

Along With being an author and a network marketer, he is the most loved and acclaimed motivational speaker in India.

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Kapil Dev

Pride Of The Entire Nation

To be the legend and to be remembered as a legend for decades is true success. Listen and learn from the most powerful success story the world has ever seen.


This one of a kind event is a storehouse of education, motivation and transformation through Asmita Patel’s Proprietary Strategies and insights from her Dream Team which includes legendary speakers, namely, Kapil Dev, Vishen Lakhiani, Pratik Gandhi and Sonu Sharma. You will experience a whole new dimension in attaining your manifestations with simple strategies and the required mindset to achieve the greater goal in your life.

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Connect with our Experts

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Ms. Asmita Patel has devoted 15 Years of her trading career to build a completely mechanical process to trade the stock market, She has developed this TREND FOLLOWING & OBJECTIVE style of trading that lasts forever generating consistent income.


Her MISSION is to make India trade & spread stock market education to every individual, breaking the myths & making a living out of it!


She has already transformed the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life. Helping them move closer to their GOAL of TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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Frequently Asked Questions

      What is LMIT?

LMIT is Asia's Largest Stock Market Event

where you will learn Asmita Patel's Core Proprietary Strategies. The Dream Team consisting of Kapil Dev, Sonu Sharma and Pratik Gandhi, will work towards channeling your focus to the growth mindset. 

LMIT is a 360 elevation of all the aspects of your life.

      Who is LMIT for?

LMIT is for everyone. No matter what your professional 

background is, if you know simple math, you can trade.

Whether you are a trader or a beginner, doctor or a homemaker, you can learn how to earn consistent monthly income at LMIT.

      Will I be starting with basics or do I need to have some knowledge about trading?

Everything will be taught to you from the beginning, till the execution. Even if you're a fresher, you will be able to learn all the strategies.

      What will the speakers talk about?

Alongwith the trading education, you also need to be in the right mindset to achieve your goals. Our speakers will help you set a growth mindset by talking about their focus and determination towards their own success. Listening to their life struggle, inspirational stories and their mantra to success will help you get yours.

      A Virtual Stock Market Event? How Does That Work?

It’s simple! Now you can be a part of Asia's Largest Stock Market Event from any part of the Globe.

We know your desire to be financially free is stronger and since you can’t join us in person, we’re bringing the star-studded excitement of Let's Make India Trade to you! You get all the education and motivation you’d experience in-person from the comfort and safety of your home

      Will I be able to Trade independably?

The strategies are simple to understand and implement so yes.

      What will I benefit if I buy diamond ticket?

2 days expiry special series live market trading with Asmita Patel. 2 Q and A sessions for Platinum and Diamond ticket holders Facebook community group for 30days for ticket holders.


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